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    Premiere Elements 12 audio/video not working properly


      I have been using Premeier Elements 12 for a year now on my Mac OS X 10.8.5 with no problems. Having hard time opening a project. Just spins. When I finally do it works fine for about 30 seconds then audio only and video just still images. Some projects it is not recognizing the clips. I have not moved them so should be able to find.

      I restart my Mac or shut down all the way. Sometimes I can open  the program other times it just spins forever so I have to force quit.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Thanks for starting your own new thread on your Premiere Elements issue. Until now we have been discussing your issue in the thread of another found

          Premier Elements 12 will not open: error message 0xe000007b

          Please see posts 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.


          For convenience, the following is a copy/paste of 16 from there to here




          Thanks for the update. Just want to make sure we are OK on the details...

          1. At this time you can open Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Mac.
          2. The problem is now opening saved closed projects.
          3. When you try to open these projects, do you get "Where is the file _____?" messages. If so, are you confirming that these files still exist on the hard drive at the location where they were when they were imported into any of these projects? If you did not move any of the sources for your Timeline, did you rename any of them after the projects were saved closed?


          If you get these messages, can you click on Skip All on the first of these messages to get into the Premiere Elements workspace even if you see lots of colorful Media Offline displays?


          Do you recall what the last action was in any of these projects before they were saved closed? And, when you saved closed these projects, what was the duration and complexity of the Timeline content?


          Where have you stored the files that went into these projects?


          After the above, please go through the following Adobe document on troubleshooting damaged projects and then we will focus each step in that scheme of troubleshooting.

          Troubleshoot a damaged project file | Adobe Premiere Elements






          Let us continue from 16 (the other thread) to here in the thread that we are in now.



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            Jazziegirl Level 1

            Thank you. Could it be a memory problem on the mac just opening all the footage for review? All the files are on external drives. I've been checking all kinds of saved programs and all are back with the exception of two that I know of. The one I had been working on yesterday I just reopened. This morning it was stills with audio. It now has a green box with the correct image in the timeline and it's just spinning. Thank you for all your patience.

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              Jazziegirl Level 1

              Darn. Rebooted to see if it would work. I can't open Premiere again. I get the welcome screen ask to open a previous program and the screen disappears. Just tried new project and same result.The wheel just spins.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Please remind me how you got the existing project to open when it was not opening before? The involvement of new projects now as well as existing projects is of concern.


                Have you done the program uninstall, free ccleaner, reinstall with antivirus and firewalls disabled?

                Piriform - CCleaner Mac

                Make sure you can find the installation files (or disc) and purchased serial number before doing the uninstall/reinstall.


                Have you cleared all the Mac caches and gone through Mac Updates and such?


                We will do an overview based on the above and then decide which way to go next if necessary.