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    PPixHand Lifecycle

    bvjx Level 1

      Is PPixHand a reference counted entity where PPixSuite::Dispose() is the equivalent of IUnknown::Release() ?



      When returning PPixHand created by CreatePPix() to the Async selector, aiGetFrame, what happens to the PPixHand instance given no additional cache management by the plugin? Does it automatically get Disposed() internally?



      I noticed the following in the SDK_File_Import example for the aiInitiateAsyncRead selector:   a PPixHand was Disposed() after a successful cache test via GetFrameFromCache.  It seems that GetFrameFromCache() adds a reference and subsequently Dispose() derefences the PPixHand instance; that is, Dispose() doesn't destroy the PPix instance given the Cache still has a reference to it.  If Dispose() were called twice, how would the Cache be affected?