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    CMYK preview

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      I would like to see a CMYK preview for kuler's colors. Many of the color themes that kuler generates contain colors outside the CMYK gamut. It would be nice if, for example, when a user clicked on the theme and it does the "tall bars" expansion, it showed a CMYK version of the colors at the bottom. Of course it would be only an approximation, because the RGB-to-CMYK conversion in Adobe apps is dependent on the ICC profiles in use and various other settings. But at least it would be better than nothing. To me this would be a big help, because for a lot of us, CMYK is the destination space.

      Some people have expressed frustration that the colors appear different in the CS apps than they do on kuler. Perhaps part of this is that, while kuler is RGB-based, they are using the colors in CMYK spaces that do not support those colors. In this case, a CMYK preview would help to forestall these kinds of complaints.

      PS: If Adobe develops a help or getting started guide for kuler, it might be worthwhile to point out that the science behind the color matching needs a little finessing on the user end in order to get the most out of a downloaded theme. This is because color coordination will be skewed by such things as the differences between displays and the variations in RGB-to-CMYK conversions.
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          I believe that on the create page instead of the 2 dimentional "color wheel", a Kind of "Look up table" displayed in 3-d would eliminate some of the cmyk complaints, basically showing rgb/Cmyk conversions on screen displaying the full gamut of both RGB and CMYK together to illustrate the limitations of cmyk, as one would find in Color profiling software , or some RIP's .
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            It's more than that. On my tests the color conversions themselves are the problem.

            See my "Color Spaces" thread.