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    Adobe Edge CC 2015


      Hello, please can someone help. I'm using Adobe Edge to creative an interactive animation for purpose on a website. The application has been very bug-gy and either quits out on me advising me to save my work and then restart or gives me an error message 'std::exception'. I'm not doing anything particular to warrant these crashes and my file is not particularly large. Visually, when I'm working within the application and drag the timeline bar, some of the animation drops, when I click on the keyframe which should contain different data (eg scale/location) from the previous, it says it's the same - hence no animation. HOWEVER, when I preview in a browser the animation works as it's been designed to. My colleague who is also using Edge is experiencing similar problems, we've looked online to not avail. We're both using Yosemite 10.10.5 and Creative Cloud 2015.


      Any advice greatly appreciated!