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    How do I add photos from photos app to lightroom?


      New to photoshop/lightroom/bridge. I'm already massively confused. All I really want to do is process my photos and know where they go after I push save. Frankly I've had a lot of issues that feel extremely unnecessary. For instance, I upload photos from my memory card, put them into an album in photos, delete the ones I don't want, then attempt to edit in photoshop. First, all the photos I've previously deleted are still selectable in the album, so that sucks. Then after I've edited the photo and save it, it saves it as a "photoshop" file. I don't even know what that is but whatever it is I don't know where it goes. Along the same lines as this question, many times when I simply edit a photo in the photos app and then try to upload it (say to Facebook or a lab) the photo doesn't retain the edits. I'm a huge mac hater right now b/c of all of this.