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    CF Builder 3 to look/act like Homesite 5


      Note: I thought I put this on the Builder section but 1) can't find. 2) there seems to be no activity there.


      I have added CF Builder 3 to my Win 7 platform and I find it really hard to configure to my way of doing hand coding.



      Something as simple as right clicking a cf tag to edit tag is not available that I can find and the tabs at the top for selecting different types of functions is replaced by one bar.


      This is my Homesite window and it works great for me.


      Can anyone give me some help in getting Builder 3 to replicate this or something as easy to use.

      Thank you in advance.

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          HomeSite 5 is quite old. It is counter-productive to expect Coldfusion Builder to act like HomeSite 5. Builder implements all the features you mention, but differently from HomeSite. Besides being different, Coldfusion Builder is meant to be a new product, with new features and new ways of developing Coldfusion, that looks ahead into the future.

          People have simply moved on. The Coldfusion Builder forum is at ColdFusion Builder .

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            ranger Level 1

            I guess if that is what you want. I have been building hand coded CF sites since 4.01 and I find that Homesite lets me build pages like I'm writing a story.


            The tabs across the top make tag selection really fast and the right click edit makes it easy to format the tags as I go.


            The only reason I went to Builder is to get the new CF tags and also I have been told Homesite doesn't load on Win7 and I can't find my old Homesite disk.


            To imply that I am a in the past because I like the way Homesite runs is a bit of an insult. I am building very fast, powerful and secure sites in CF9 - CF11. Hand coded, no apps, plugins or cfcs. I write my own "apps" within the pages.


            Maybe Adobe is just leading people down the garden path. It wouldn't hurt them any to do a Homesite update with Win7+ capabilities and the new tags and functions but then they couldn't charge $135 for what was once a free application (Allaire and Macromedia) though I would gladly pay them $135 for an update/upgrade to Homesite.

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              ranger Level 1



              All I am asking is can Builder be formatted to work as I want as in my image.

              Just be able to right click edit on tags, Tag tabs, etc.

              If it can't it is useless to me.

              Thank you.

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                BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                My apologies if you feel insulted. It was unintentional.


                What you say contains a misunderstanding. You spoke, and continue to speak, of Builder as if it was meant to be a new version or release of HomeSite. It was not.


                HomeSite was discontinued some years ago. (see Adobe - HomeSite Support Center and Nick Bradbury: HomeSite Discontinued). Coldfusion Builder is instead based on Eclipse. Another Eclipse-based Coldfusion editor currently in use is CFEclipse, which is Open Source and free.


                If HomeSite does it for you, then continue to use it, by all means. My suggestion was, if you intend to move to Builder, then you should be prepared to develop code differently from the HomeSite way.

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                  ranger Level 1

                  I downloaded and ran CFEclipse and it seems to have the same interface as Builder 3.


                  The most important function still seems to be missing...


                  Right click, edit tag. There is a selection on the right click menu that says "edit tag" - Ctrl + T but nothing happens in either builder or CFEclipse when i select or type in....


                  Let alone multiple panels for different functions.


                  I have spent 2 days with this software and I am no further along than after the first 30 minutes when I set up a project.


                  Maybe you can advise how to get these functions or if not where I can get a clean copy of Homesite 5.5 and maybe I can get win7 to load it.


                  This is what I am looking for.




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                    BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It is no surprise that CFElipse and Coldfusion Builder have a similar interface. As I said earlier, they are both built on the Eclipse platform.


                    Comparing them with HomeSite is like comparing apples and pears. They achieve the same things, but differently.


                    You will be wasting your time, trying to get Builder or CFEclipse to behave like HomeSite. They wont. For example, in Eclipse, right-clicking on a tag, or entering the keys "Ctrl+T", means something else from their HomeSite meaning.


                    In particular, Eclipse has no interface for tags comparable to the one in your image. How then to proceed? In Builder, type <>. Between the two characters, type cfloop, followed by a space. Builder will then display a list of cfloop attributes from whcih you can select, together with a description of each attribute.



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                      BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Let me know if you need help with the installation of CFEclipse or ColdFusion Builder.

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                        ranger Level 1

                        Hi BKBK


                        I was awaiting a copy of Homesite 5.0 original disk, pw, etc I purchased on Amazon. I wish it was 5.5 but couldn't find one


                        As expected, Loaded fine though when I checked for updates of course none.


                        I do not host anybody. I build/load their code/db etc. on my local server, Test there and then upload to their server(s). I do help with IIS, error codes, setting up hosted accounts (which i am responsible for),, etc as needed but be it a private server it is not part of the project description


                        Although I am quite sure Builder and CFEclipse do amazing things I have no need for them. I create a site almost exclusively in CF, javaScript, css, html. No cfcs, apps or plugins unless called for by outside vendors, and stick as much as possible to tags that won't go out of date - surprisingly I have an old ecom site I built in 4.01 in mid 90's on my hosted cf 9 server and it still runs great.


                        My win 7 platform is 32bit and I will be building a 64 bit system to replace it soon. I can only hope that HS 5 works ok on that.


                        Adobe bought Framemaker to destroy it and replace with Pagemaker which didn't work so they have been stuck with it and it is not as good as the original.


                        Adobe acquired CF as part of their wish to have Dreamweaver, Flash, etc and CF was an afterthought. Seems they have done everything possible to make it near impossible for entry level programmers to learn for reasons I don't pretend to understand. Since nobody can easily learn it anymore they all blast it.


                        It would seem that Adobe would at least keep the tag definition files up to date for Homesite but I think in their mad dash to make CF do flying logos, compete with WordPress, Drupal (which i think are toxic junk) or whatever they have just blown it away.


                        So for now I'm ok though the tag definition issue does sneak up to annoy me like the fact that OBDC in queries will cause a crash, etc.


                        Hope 64 bit works ok.



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                          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Captivating story. It got me thinking, if you ask the right questions in the ColdFusion Builder forum, perhaps someone might offer you a copy of Homesite they no longer need, for free.


                          I hope you will continue to find joy with Homesite. As they say, if it ain't broke, why try to fix it?

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                            mkane1 Level 1

                            Ranger, I'm with you, if it ain't broke don't fix it. We're an ever shrinking minority these days. Adobe and Microsoft etc. don't get richer worrying about old schoolers.


                            I've been using ColdFusion Studio 5 for many years, currently on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. It's too bad that Adobe stopped providing help/code updates at CF9. But Studio works like a champ.

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                              ranger Level 1

                              mkane1. Yes and I can't figure out why they disowned it. It is an excellent tool for creating hand scripted pages. I will be upgrading to 64 bit win 7 soon and I'm glad to know it works on that platform too. HS 5.5+. Doubt I will use load CFEclipse. Doesn't seem to do anything I need.


                              Also somebody started the "rumor" that HS doesn't work on the Win7 + platforms. I wonder who that was...? People believe it and don't even try to load it.