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    Is After Effects rendering audio for anyone else?


      It seems that with every new update to Creative Cloud I'm finding more and more errors within After Effects. Currently, After Effects will not properly render audio files out of its render queue. This includes all formats, and this is also a problem I am experiencing across my Mac Pro and my Windows PC. I can export these files through Adobe Media Encoder, but that's an extra step I don't want to have to make. I rather enjoyed rendering video, sequences, and audio from After Effects.


      The problem: I can add compositions to the Render Queue, and ask AE to render a .wav. I save to a local destination, and it creates a .wav file at the destination. However, the file is empty. There is no audio that plays back from that file.

      I'm working in After Effects: 2015.0.1 Release, version


      I have already troubleshot what I can. Yes, the "Audio Output" is on. I've tried "on" and I've tried "auto." I've tried rendering every format. I'm not sure what the next step should be.


      Has anyone else come across this problem, and have you been able to remedy it?


      Thank you for your time,