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    Not able to paste anything into Edge Animate 2015.0.


      Can someone tell me why I can copy and paste graphics straight from Illustrator into Edge on my school computer but not on my laptop? I have the same version of Edge on my personal computer as the school computers. I can import files into Edge, but I would like to paste graphics straight in from Illustrator.


      I tried calling in to get support, but was rudely told I had to seek help for this issue in the forums.


      **UPDATE - September 8, 2015**

      I got ahold of someone higher up in the help-center and they told me that because I am using the CS6 version of Illustrator that I cannot paste into the CC 2015.0 version of Edge. If I want to copy and paste, I will have to download the CC version of Illustrator and use that instead.


      If anyone else like me is using the Creative Cloud to supplement their CS6 purchase, please complain about this so Adobe can make an update to Edge to allow everyone to copy and paste from CS6.


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