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    DateChooser style problem

      I am trying to set the style of a dateChooser and have been unsuccessful with setting the background color. Whatever I do, the background stays white. I have even used the adobe style explorer and copied code from that and had the same result. Every thing else seem to react to the style change with the component but the background color. Has anyone else experienced this?

      DateChooser {
      cornerRadius: 8;
      headerColors: #da0303, #750202;
      highlightAlphas: 0.5, 0.25;
      fillColors: #ffffff, #cccccc, #996600, #cc9966;
      todayColor: #360275;
      color: #ffffff;
      borderColor: #ffc000;
      backgroundColor: #da0303;
      backgroundAlpha: 1;
      themeColor: #ffc000;