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    Cannot use/register LR 6 after upgrading to Windows 10


      Good evening,


      Using Lightroom 6 DESKTOP application (not CC or cloud) on Windows 10.


      I upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10.


      I did not think about "deactivating" my computer before doing the installation,


      Now, I try to re-install Lightroom 6 and I get the message :


      "The  serial number xxxxxxx  is already in use by the maximum allowed computer.

      You must deactivate another computer or provide another serial number... "


      I cannot find on the Adobe web site where I can deactivate and/or re-activate my LR6 serial number to use on Windows 10.


      Lightroom 6 is already installed and activated on my Mac Book Air (and is working properly); AFAIK, I can use the same serial number on both my Windows desktop computer and my Mac laptop computer.

      Where do I have to go on the adobe web site to see what computer are activated so I can clean that up ?