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    interactive indesign objects missing in PDF and flashing screen




      I am trying to create an interactive pdf file in InDesign.


      The idea is that there is a navigation bar and more information comes up when you click on the buttons. Creating it as an swf file with object states is not an option, so I'm doing it as buttons that are hidden until triggered.

      I am using InDesign CS6, and Reader/Acrobat XI.


      I am having 2 issues:


      1. Some of the objects are not showing up when it's exported. The main navigation pane is fine but some of the information/objects that are meant to pop up are not there. The buttons work perfectly in the preview though.


      2. In the same file, it works well in Acrobat but when it's opened in reader, the button works but the screen flashes every time a button is pressed. I think it might be a plug-in that's missing but not sure which would be affecting it?


      I'm still pretty new to this so any ideas or advice is appreciated!