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    Adobe Draw how to unmerge a layer?

    financed60164355 Level 1

      I've been working on a project now for about a week and ran out of layers, So I merge  down a layer. "YIKES that didn't look right!" So now I have ta layer merged down with a not her layer and the merger didn't  work out so well...How do I get back and unmerg the mess?

      Thank you in advance

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          BAD NEWS: There is no 'unmerge' option - probably because Draw doesn't know which parts of the layer you want to separate, and it doesn't know how to select multiple parts of a layer to 'split to new layer'.

          For this reason, like my desktop work, I usually prefer to create versions, duplicating states of the work as I go.


          GOOD NEWS: You can always send it to Illustrator, and create separate layers there.  Although you've merged the vector elements in Draw, they are still separate elements each time you begin a new stroke, it's a separate shape.  Illustrator will sort it out for you. 

          If you erase elements on a merged layer, you're creating multiple separated shapes.  It takes some getting used to.


          Usually I merge work that no longer needs to be touched/moved/edited in Draw.  Wanna make an edit? That happens in clean up within Illustrator anyway.