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    I can hear my data!

    NimChimpski-ER5mGJ Level 1

      I know this may sound odd but in my new box I have all SSD but every so often I think I can hear the good old sound of the HDDs working on a render but that couldnt be! Yesterday I was rendering a preview and thought I could hear it so went over and stuck my ear against the speaker (Realtek High Definition Audio analogue) and I could hear something like the chatter of HDDs. Today I hooked up a USB 3.0 device and I could hear a very high pitch "squeal" - got worried and unplugged - squeal went away - plugged back in and squeal came back. Bravely forging on, I hit the power on the USB device and heard what sounded not unlike the old phtang phtang from the dial up modems. I have been having on-going issues with one of my SSDs that is raided - could I have a short or something? Any reflections would be welcomed!