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    How do you reduce file size when exporting a document with placed PDFs?


      Hi, I have just come across this so thought I would ask the ever-knowledgeable community.


      When you have a document with placed PDFs (as opposed to images), how do you compress the output PDF? Changing the resolution of exported images in the output dialog obviously has no effect, and the exported PDF even with "smallst file size" is huge (28MB on my 2pp document here with around 20 placed PDFs acting as thumbnail images).


      How do I get the placed PDFs to rasterize, but only on output? If those placed PDFs were images the output PDF would easily be closer to 1MB.


      In the meantime I ended up exporting pages as JPGs and creating a PDF from those, to get down to an acceptable file size for this job's purposes (don't ask! )


      Thanks for any suggestions!