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    Creating a PDF-File with InDesign CS6 - Only a part of the PDF Bookmarks and Table of contents (Links) works correct.



      I have a big problem with InDesign CS6 (Microsoft Windows 7).

      Our manuals have a modular structure. This means that a manual consists of many files.

      Therefore, we use the book function in InDesign.


      An example:

      I have a book-file with 126 documents.

      I have a separate file with the table of contents. This file is also in the book-file.


      In Indesign I create the table of contents. Also with the option "create PDF bookmarks".

      In InDesign I opened the bookmark window and tested the links. Every link works correct.


      I create the PDF-book and tested the links (bookmark, table of contents) in the PDF.

      Now only the Links of the first 105 documents are working correct. Every link of the other documents opens the first page of the book! 

      I tried a lot to find the mistake (creating the table of contents an the bookmarks again, changed a lot of settings, created new files, created a new PDF-file, save the files to idml and back to indd, ...).

      Every time I got the same problem.


      Yesterday, I found this information in the internet:

      "... InDesign can only open 150 files at the same time. Actually, it would have to be 150 databases at the same time. InDesign places a lot of things in internal databases (a book, libraries, temporary storage, ..... , open documents?)."


      Ok, maybe this is the reason (I cannot believe it) and the test should be very easy.

      I close every open library in InDesign and created the PDF-book again.

      Then I tested the bookmarks in the PDF and: every Link of the contained documents (126) works correkt. This is unbelievable.

      I opened the libraries again, created the PDF again and only the links of the first 105 documents works correctly!



      Now I want to find the border.

      I put 140 documents in the book-file and closed every window and every tool in InDesign (only the document with the table of contents and the book-file is open).

      I created the PDF again and tested the bookmarks. The links of the first 126 documents works correctly!

      In a specialist book I read that you can place up to 1000 documents into a book-file.

      Ok, it is true that you can place a lot of documents in the book and when you create the PDF you have also all this documents in the PDF.

      But I think that InDesign have a big problem with the bookmarks.

      What about the 150 internal databases? Is this true?


      In the internet you find more than one forum with an entry about this problem (Not all bookmarks (links) in a pdf-file working correctly).

      And it seems that this problem still exists since InDesign SC3!


      I need help!