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    An internal error has occurred. Lr. Ps. CC.


      Very frustrated with the daily errors I am getting lately when using Lightroom CC, selecting a batch of photos to edit in Photoshop CC. It happens irregularly and can't point to what might be causing it.


      All software is up to date, and running on a 2015 MBP Yosemite 10.10.5.


      It goes like this:

      I have a selection of raw files in Lr, edit them in Lr, then select all to finish them off in Ps. I usually just CMD E to edit but even when I go through the menu, about 50% of the time I'm getting a dialog box saying:


      "An internal error has occurred.

      AgStoreProviderSession:getEntityByID: id must be a number or string."

      Wasting a lot of my time trying to trouble shoot this with no luck so far. To add to my frustrations, everyone I know that pirate the software on similar hardware and software seem to be doing fine.