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    3D walk cycle applied to a 2D character

    zontaluma Level 1

      Hello, All.


      I have a project were i have to animate a walk cycle for a a client.  Seems easy enough, but, the character was drawn in the front view, and the first shot requires the character walking toward the camera.  I downloaded and installed Duik which is very cool, but, it' doesn't  seem to help when it comes to a 3D walk cycle on a 2D character.  I thought changing the layers to 3D layers in AE would do the trick but still no luck.  I have a lot of experience with Cinema 4D but i can't seem to figure out how to apply animations from Cinema 4D to my 2D character in AE


      Any help would be MUCH appreciated


      Be well

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not clear about how you are trying to use a 3D walk cycle on a 2D character. If you are doing this in C4D lite then you need to set up your walk cycle in C4D, not with puppet pins. C4D Lite is very light on features so you may need to do something else. It all depends on how the walk cycle was set up in the first place.