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    Audio out of sync AFTER importing Nikon D810 video


      Today I made my first D810 video using 720/50fps high quality settings, 16GB sd card. The mic was a Rode stereo video mic directly connected to the camera. In camera the sound is in sync with the video, but when imported into Lightroom cc, the sound is around 3 seconds behind the video.


      Windows 7 Pro 64bit, 8GB memory, Lightroom cc playback is to an Echo Mia soundcard then Behringer mixer and output to power amp and monitor speakers.


      6GB free in my separate scratch harddisk, no external harddisks in use. Windows and Lightroom working in a 256GB SSD. Also no USB in the recording or playback system.


      No post processing was done in camera or in Lightroom


      Update - I just loaded the MOV file into Photoshop cc and the same out of sync delay is present.


      The MOV file is 775MB