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    Lightroom 2015.1.1 on Win7 won't sync to Lightroom Mobile


      Have just noted this issue - all was fine last time I looked a month or so back.  I've tried a number of the suggested options (close LR, clear Sync.lrdata, and even Delete All Data and start again), but none worked.


      So here's the current situation:


      Having cleared all data, I then set up just one collection with two pics in it.  Then set it to Sync with LR Mobile.  When I go to lightroom.adobe.com, I can see the one collection there, which says it has two pictures.  But the pictures are just grey placeholders with a Cloud icon and an exclamation mark, and when clicked just say 'image unavailable'.  However, the Flags and Ratings for them show correctly.  More interestingly, if I change a rating in lightroom.adobe, it does get reflected in LR 2015 (and vice versa).


      And yes, I've left it sitting there for an hour or two in case it was some network latency thing.  But no luck, and like I say, making a rating change happens almost immediately.


      If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!  Can provide a diagnostics log if that'll help.