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    How and why has LR cc disappeared along with 37,000 + photos??


      Since I uploaded the new CC LR, I was able to use it 3 times. On the 3rd exit, I decided to back it up, I got a message saying it couldn't be backed up.  When I exited it, I opened it up again from the CC icon.  Next day I tried to restart LR cc from Applications, but had to go to the cloud icon to start it since the regular icon had disappeared from my task bar.  It stated that the catalogue could not be found.  So I elected to find another catalogue, opened up LR 5 and 37,000 + photos were not there.  I opened up some back up catalogues and all but 1 had no photos.  The 1 that did had 27 k photos and when I tried to export one of them, it said it could not export.  So needless to say I am not very happy editor --  none of my catalogues have any photos.  Can you imagine trying to get ready for a photo exhibition with photos already edited for it and couldn't get them?  Luckily Photoshop was working.  I would appreciate a hand in getting these photos back into catalogue. Thank you kindly, Zoshart.