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    Setting/Getting properties of InDesign objects in table

    Manan Joshi Adobe Community Professional

      Hi All,


      We are creating a Flex extension for InDesign CS6, there i noticed that setting some properties from ActionScript does not actually set it on the InDesign object. For ex setting the autoGrow property on the row of a table does not make the change on the row.


      Also it has been observed that sometimes while trying to retrieve the contents of a cell we get a blank result even though the cell contains value in it.


      The sample code for the cell content retrieval code is as follows

      var newRow : Row = inTable.rows.add() as Row;


      var newRowCells : Cells = newRow.cells;


      newRowCells = newRow.cells;


      cellIndex = 0;

      currCell = newRowCells.item(cellIndex).getElements()[0];

      currCell.contents = cellValueStr;


      //Now when we use currCell.contents to get the contents of cell it come empty randomly.


      This never happened with jsx. Is this a know bug in the CS SDK or we are doing something wrong. Appreciate any pointers