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    Why is Adobe Digital Editions SO excruciatingly slow?

    JonasTJensen Level 1



      I purchased an eBook for a university course and was initially glad when I saw I had to use an Adobe program to read it, because my experience so far with Adobe products have been great. Needless to say, I download the book, open it in the Adobe Digital Editions and the first thing that strikes me is, WOW, this is really slow..??  Surely I must have downloaded an old edition or something like that? I have an active Creative Cloud subscription and my computer runs Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere smoothly, but an ebook reader trumps it when I scroll through the pages? I'm speechless. This doesn't meet the otherwise high Adobe standard, my expectations have not been met.


      What can I do to ease my experience with this program? Is there any tricks I can use? Anything at all?


      BR, Jonas