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    Custom If Then Calculation using Radio Button


      I'm using Acrobat XI Pro. I need to create a custom if/then calculation in a "Total" text box that adds the value of 5 text fields if a certain radio button is checked and just copies down the subtotal if another radio button is checked.  For example:


      Subtotal = 25000

      Fee 1 = 100

      Fee 2 = 200

      Fee 3 = 50

      Fee 4 = 25

      Total = ???


      If button option 1 is selected, Total = sum of Subtotal + Fee 1 + Fee 2 + Fee 3 + Fee 4

      If button option 2 is selected, Total  = Subtotal and a statement in a different text box appears stating "All fees to be paid separately."


      I am a JavaScript novice and have no real knowledge of how the script should come together.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          traciw0430 Level 1

          I was actually able to piece together a valid code using other posts in this forum with the final pieced to the puzzle being a simple novice mistake.  I was getting the error because I didn't know that the = sign for comparison should actually be written as "==" in JS.  Thank you to the person who posted the question above mine and the person who answered him!