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    if Statement error

    Aman Habib Level 1

      I was hoping somebody could help me out with this issue.


      I have a code in for one of my fields but needed to make an "if" statement for a few possible results.


      This is the original code that I had:


      var a = this.getField("Text8");

      var b = this.getField("Text59");

      event.value = Round((a.value/b.value), 1);



      If the field said 77.3 then i wanted to change it to 77.4. I thought that adding the following if statement to code would work but it just displayed "77.4" in the field.


      if (event.value = 77.3) {

      event.value = 77.4 ;


      I'm still learning JS so I'm not sure what everything means. All the help would be greatly appreciated.