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    can't export 257-page book because Ayuthaya font "could not be embedded". What can I do?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      The warning window says that Ayuthaya "could not be embedded due to licensing restrictions in the font. A substitute font will be used if it supports the glyps used in the restricted font. The PDF will not be created if the glyphs cannot be represented"


      Two options, it would seem to me, but I don't know how to accomplish either.

      1. I'd like to license Ayuthaya, but I don't know how.  I don't see it in Adobe's Typekit.  (as a side question: Why, I have to ask, is Ayuthaya available to me in InDesign's dropdown font menu if it's not compatible with InDesign?).  Is there a way for me to make Ayuthaya work?


      2.  I'll happily replace the offending text/glyphs in the Ayuthaya font.  But how to find them, so I can replace them?  I can't imagine going through all 257 pages, highlighting each bit of text to see if it says Ayuthaya at the top of my InDesign window.


      Any help would be very much appreciated.  The printer has given me a deadline for exporting this project, at least, exporting a number of pages of it, so they can test things.