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    System Navigation Problems within "Save" Dialog Box on all CC Software


      I am on CC15 on a Mac running Mavericks OS.  I had CC14 and Mavericks installed at the same time, so I don't know which event has caused this problem.  Before the update, I would be able to save an InDesign file, for example, and create a new folder for this file (call it Folder B) within Folder A by navigating to Folder A from the Save window, hit the New Folder button in the Save dialog box, name the Folder B, then save the file directly into Folder B.  Now I do this, and my navigation does not stay within Folder B after I create it and am ready to save the new file;  I create Folder B from the save window to be nested within Folder A with the intention of having the new file I'm saving to be saved within Folder B, and instead of holding this position, the system jumps me back out to the top-level directory, and I have to re-navigate manually to the nested folder. 


      This navigation issue also happens from the "recent places" dropdown from the Save window.  I was last in "Folder B" for example, and want to save something else to Folder B.  I see Folder B in the dropdown of recently visited folders in the Save window, but when I select it, the system does not drill down directly to Folder B but just navigates to a higher-level directory, and I have to manually navigate in. 


      This happens in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign.  Anyone else having this problem?  Thought it might be fixed with the 2015 update, but it still does the same thing. I've searched for this issue and can't seem to find any other users with this problem--or I'm not searching on the correct terms!