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    How do I add photos to my iPad?


      Good Morning,

      First off, I have used Lightroom in the past, however some years ago switched over to Aperture, and now that they are discontinuing it, will be coming back to Lightroom.  Currently I do have Lightroom 4 installed on my Mac, and am considering upgrading to Lightroom 6 (standalone), or possibly the Creative Cloud.


      My question is what is the easiest way to transfer images to my iPad?  When I used lightroom in the past you would do it through iTunes and just have iTunes transfer folders onto your iPad.  Aperture was much nice in this respect in that you just told iTunes to transfer certain projects, but the nicer thing I though was that it would only store the preview file on my iPad, which in turn didn't take up as much space.


      So with lightroom I am curious if there is an easy way to transfer images, or maybe even the previews that Lightroom creates, rather than the full size images or having to export smaller sized files just to be used for viewing on my iPad.  I have looked briefly into CC, but my concerns is that I do not want any of my photos or information floating around in adobe's cloud, or even going through it; and from what I understand while its easier to upload things to all your devices, in order to do that you upload your photos to the cloud.


      Please if anyone has valuable and accurate information on how to do this best it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the help!



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe generates DNG smart previews using the creative cloud infrastructure and syncs those compact images to your iPad. Your originals stay on your hard drive or external hard drive. It's easy to create projects (collections) and sync with one click but this is not available with the stand alone LR6; only with a subscription. LR Mobile is a free app from the Apple App Store.


          The alternative is to export compressed jpegs with a quality setting of say 40 to 50 and copy them to your device, but that’s obviously a manual process.

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            AJ2058 Level 1

            Thank You 99jon,

            So if I have this right, and it is what I suspected, the only "easy" way to do it is with a subscription to the CC.  Otherwise I would basically have to do what I did in the past and just transfer folders over, or like you said export smaller files to transfer so that I don't take up as much space with them.


            Regarding the subscription, and LR Mobile, the subscription you're referring to is CC right?  Also, for when you say sync with one click, can I sync multiple projects, and is it done through the cloud?  While it may be unusual, I really prefer not having things pass through someone else's cloud in order for it to go from one of my devices to another.


            Thanks again for the help.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The easy way is with a CC "Photography Plan" subscription, which includes Lr (and LrMobile and LrWeb) and Photoshop. You just right click a collection (which can represent a project), and the photos are synced.


              Alternatively you export JPEGs and use whatever way Apple allow you to put your photos on your iPad.

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                Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                Yes, that's right AJ2058

                The only way to sync is through Lightroom CC which comes with the Creative Cloud subscription.

                And yes, you can sync multiple projects which are called collections in Lightroom.

                Once, you sync the images through Lightroom desktop, they go on Lightroom web (lightroom.adobe.com) and sync to your device and this involves cloud infrastructure.

                Here, is the related article for you : https://helpx.adobe.com/mobile-apps/help/lightroom-mobile-faq.html