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    Thumbnails and images grayed out.


      I recently installed lightroom CC.  The thumbnails were grayed out, but the images showed up in develop and web tabs.  After 4 hours with adobe support, and 3 different techs, the images don't show up in develop or web anymore.  The problem seems to be narrowed down to permissions.  I set up another user account(Windows 7), and lightroom seems to work fine there.  Adobe support thinks I should migrate all of my data to the new account.  This seems a bit extreme, not to mention it's 200GB.  We also tried changing the monitor profile to sRGB, installing lightroom 5, disabling all plugins, updating the video driver, and probably some other things I'm forgetting.  Lighroom 2.2 worked fine until the new install, now it has the same problem.  So, is there a way to fix the permissions?  Or, could it be something else?  Thanks for your help.