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    How to DISTRIBUTE Captivate projects?

    Jorge Aramuni Level 1

      How can I distribute the courses created with Captivate 9? I want to sell the courses for people all around the world. Usually I sell video courses in my web site, in CDs, DVDs and download, but now I want to create more interactive courses and to distribute to people using desktop and mobile systems.


      Besides using LMS systems, how can I distribute the interactive courses created with Captivate 9? If I export the Captivate projects in HTML5 format, and put the exported files in a DVD, people will be able to see and interact with the project in their browsers? For mobile systems, what is the best way of distributing a Captivate project that has many videos? For example, can the people using an IPAD to download the project to their devices? Or do they need to access the project online?


      Another question: is it possible to play a YOUTUBE video inside a Captivate project? I mean the video playing by STREAMING.


      thanks very much!

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          nsukumar Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          You can use the 'Youtube interaction' to play the 'Youtube video' inside Captivate.



          Nimmy Sukumaran.

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            Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

            You could publish all your courses and put those published courses on a DVD and sell that, but you will almost surely run into security restrictions. Captivate-published content is really meant to be run from the web.

            (though there may still be a 'publish to .exe' option in 2017, I've not checked yet, that would probably work well on a PC, but not a Mac).


            An LMS really is the best way to distribute this sort of content. LMS products often allow for purchasing, registration, assignments, tracking, records/certificates...all sorts of benefits.

            But yeah, unless you want to dig in yourself (host a server, install a free LMS like Moodle, set it all up, and maintain it), you're going to have to pay someone for the LMS service.

            Give the distribution and payment solutions that provides, it's often worthwhile.

            There are alot of low-cost LMS products out there...even Captivate Prime may be a solution for you.


            Another option would be to publish your content and distribute it through a platform or 'marketplace', like Open Sesame:


            They take a cut, but handle distribution, payment, etc.


            Either are best options for the above reasons, plus allowing distribution to mobile devices and handling video delivery.


            In either case you would have to learn about SCORM.