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    Budget PC build for PS/Character animator?


      Hi. I'm looking at a budget pc build for this specifically and motherboard, HD/SSd etc arn't as big a concern as cuda cores vs


      FX 8350 (not OC) £130

      16GB Ram           £60

      GTX 970 3.5gb (and .5gb slow ram)  £220





      i7 4790 £240

      16gb Ram £60

      r9 390 8GB £240




      I can swap the r9 390 8gb for the GTX 970 but with DX12 coming out..im not sure if the 8GB would serve me better on the AMD card but the £130 difference between cpu and gpu's is a lot but if it's much faster, it will be worth it. I'd rather not have to deal with slow processing of live capture for facial animations if I can avoid it.


      Anyone with "hands on" advice?