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    photoshop on my server

    brittah99916075 Level 1

      I am in the process of automating image editing services I am providing. This is the setup:


      1. My customer sends their png/jpg images via an app/webpage to my server.

      2. I edit these images in Photoshop according to their specifics. I used to do this manually but now I am automating this with droplets.

      3. A server script sends a set of edited png/jpg images back to the user.

      Since the process is going to be fully automated, I am expecting a high throughput of customers.


      Does this setup necessitate one Photoshop license per customer (would kill the business) OR one Photoshop license per server?


      I assume it is the latter, since the user never directly interacts with Photoshop (e.g. they never see a psd file, they don't know how to operate PS) but wanted to double-check before investing time and money.

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          brittah99916075 Level 1

          Any takers on this one?

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            brittah99916075 Level 1

            Trying again, in shorter terms:


            My company wants to run PS on a server. That server executes PS droplets automatically anytime an image is placed into a dedicated input folder. Only one person maintains the server and the droplets. The input and output images are produced and consumed by many people.


            Is a single user license sufficient for this (since I am dealing with exactly 1 server) or do we need another type of license?


            PS: This is similar in spirit to this: https://forums.adobe.com/message/3466847#3466847   , but for PS instead of Illustrator.

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              Harbs. Level 6

              In terms of licensing, this would be considered server use. You should speak to an Adobe sales rep about licensing Photoshop for server use.

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                brittah99916075 Level 1

                Thanks. Does anyone here have the contact info of one?

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                  jlockman Adobe Employee

                  The Photoshop End User License Agreement does not permit you to develop a service based on a desktop Photoshop acting as a server. You would need to talk to an Adobe direct sales rep about a Photoshop Programmatic Use Case license, which is not available through the reseller channel. Where are you located?

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                    brittah99916075 Level 1

                    Thanks for your answer! One side note: I am not using the PS as a server in the sense that it has an IP address (PS -> Edit -> Remote Connections -> Enable Remote Connections), neither am I using the SDK. I am _running_ my Photoshop desktop version on my server, which no one else has access to.


                    Re Location: Typically in Palo Alto, California, however, currently for several months in Singapore.


                    Re EULA: I have unsuccessfully tried to find "programmatic use case" license / "server" license here: Licenses and Terms of Use | Adobe . There must be documentation for those somewhere? Or would a custom license have to be crafted?


                    Thanks again.

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                      jlockman Adobe Employee

                      Hi, brittah99916075


                      You describe a scenario where your customer accesses an automated process via a web site. This is considered a server use case, since the Photoshop instance is acting as a service to the web page.


                      In the CS and earlier versions of !Photoshop, there was an explicit licensing restriction against server use cases for !Photoshop. You can read the CS6 EULA here. Pay particular attention to section 2.1.7, which covers server use cases. Specifically, prohibits "enabling web hosted workgroups or web hosted services available to the public."


                      In the CC world, the CC Legal Terms of Use are simplified, and section 5.2 covers the server use case. 5.2.b disallows other people to access the software using your account information (which would be required since PS would reside on a computer and would be operating using your CC subscription for the benefit of others). 5.2.d disallows you to make a custom interface to the software such as a web interface that you would expose to your customer.


                      As a result, your application would violate the CC Terms of Use. If you are in Palo Alto, then we have an Enterprise sales team in the Bay area. You can call Enterprise and Developer Sales at the number listed on this page. You should explain what you are trying to do and ask to speak to a Creative Cloud for Enterprise account manager.

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                        Thanks a lot JLockman, will do (I marked your answer as correct).