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    Why are there no files after my Dreamweaver Import


      I have recently inherited a directory of ColdFusion code developed in Dreamweaver. After downloading the source from svn into a local development directory, I attempted to follow the instructions I found in several places online for Importing a Dreamweaver site into a project, using the Existing Folder as New Project option (since it was never previously a CFBuilder project, just Dreamweaver), I assigned the CF Nature to the root in the Navigator window. However, when I attempt to drop the tree below the root, no files appear - and the little > arrow is even gone, as if there are no files.

      What should I be looking at here? Obviously it lacks something that tells it all the files in the project. It is odd, because when I select the root of the directory where all the source files are "ZZZ Master Website", it creates another directory INSIDE that directory, also called "ZZZ Master Website". That's where the .project and settings files show up. I feel like I'm missing something.


      FWIW, I'm no CF guy - I'm inheriting this because that resource is no longer available. So... be patient - I'm trying to come up to speed here.


      Thanks for any help in advanc!