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    What's your work flow using Lightroom on two computers?

    Froodster Level 1

      I realise similar questions have already been asked, but after much searching I've given up on the dream of seamlessly syncing between my laptop and desktop installations (and catalogues) of Lightroom.


      I thought Lightroom Mobile might hold the answer, but this can only sync with one catalogue and a mobile device. Then I tried opening the same catalogue (which resides on an external drive) from both computers, but my laptop is connected over a network. It appears that opening a catalogue over a network isn't allowed? That leaves exporting and importing catalogues, but to be frank, this is a bit of a rigmarole.


      So, I'm left with my desktop and catalogue of my photo collection (which all works very well). That just leaves me with my laptop, which frankly is a bit redundant.


      I'm curious to know how other people work with with two computers... two catalogues and never the twain shall meet? Or continuously exporting catalogues between devices? Or something else?