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    Insert OAM issues


      I am having an issue importing OAM files into Dreamweaver.


      I am pretty dang new to Edge Animate. I am attempting to insert an OAM file into my project. I have multiple pages referencing multiple OAM files. On one page, I was able to insert the file correctly, where it displays a div. There is plenty of additional script and style code in the head that the div references.

      <div id="Stage" class="newlywedanimation-1"></div> 

      in my other pages, I insert the OAM file, and my code is

      <object id="EdgeID" type="text/html" width="1004" height="515" data-dw-widget="Edge" data="emotion-money/Assets/emotion-money.html"> 

      I am using the same method to insert into Dreamweaver, but think I may be missing something when i am publishing my file in Animate? The first bit of code works as intended when viewed in a browser, where I have a click event that takes me to a different page. The second bit of code does not work correctly, same intended functionality.

      I am using Animate 2015

      Anyone familiar with this? *both animations are in different pages. thanks in advance!