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    fscommand("exec".... substitute???

      I feel like ahab chasing moby dick.

      I am trying to create a flash projector program that sends variables to an external program (which is priadoblender-compiled php)

      i thought fscommand("exec", userReg.exe + var1 + var2 + var3 + var4) would work because of MX2004 let it happen, but I am now working in flash 8 professional.

      I know this doesn't work. I have read up and down.... forums, blogs, white papers etc.

      I am looking for a simple alternative to this problem. I thought AFsaver might be the solution, but for the love of god, I can't figure out the syntax and the documentation on afsaver is slim to none.

      is there some program that will allow me to just pass variables to an external program that will work in flash 8?

      the premise is basic.
      1) have flash projector call a program , perhaps with fscommand
      2) pass variables to it, (any amount between 1-50 vars) the speudocode example I have above would be ideal...

      I don't know how simple this is to manufacture. but I believe it would be simple enough to read the program name and parse out the variables from a single string.

      if AFsaver has a way to do this, that would be great too. I would just need to know the syntax to make it work properly.