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    NavBar not responding to css

    brushwipe Level 1

      The Navbar has problems: Everything has gone well up to now with a few exceptions:

      1.  The 3 links are positioned above each other -even in live view. 

      2. No amount of margin will move the navbar away from the top of the page.

      3. It may be just Windows 8.1 but the images link while working as described in tut when it comes to the thumbnail images

      the only files shown in the root folder is a single jpeg icon.  My solution was to use the same method of inserting thumbnail image as for the carousel images.

      4. Removing the word -fluid from the <container-fluid> has no effect and the navbar remains full width.


      I have tried to alter the position of the links to a flat horizontal position without success - they are definitely alive as any margin increase has them moving rapidly downwards!