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    i can not load images in my afrter effect because file names

    lior bazak Level 1

      tones of problems with AE file name,


      basically took from me 4 hours and still not working.


      i did in illustrator design with numbers 1 to 100.


      i try to be clever and vent to bridge to rename it all as a batch. since that function my project vent to hell.


      basically in AE im trying to add only 1 image, all the images come as a group.


      i rename it after manually each and every image again, AE don't approve it and cannot load it. basically all time spend for nothing.


      the system remember the batch and kill the process of uploading individual photos files.


      after i vent to "bulk rename utility" program in order to rename it in another order at once, AE don't accept the new name as well.


      this is very very bad!!! please someone to help me with this.



      why AE is the only program that have so many bugs to upload a photo? this took all day and with no solution yet