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    Dragging layers in CC 2015 = delayed update

    Silicon Pixel Level 1

      Since the most recent update, I'm now seeing a problem when dragging layers in more complex comps. If I drag and release the mouse button but continue to move the cursor, the delay in updating the scene causes the dragged layer point to further move AFTER the mouse button has been released. It's as if the mouse button release is being processed after the scene is computed and not first (if that makes sense?). I see this constantly in fast paced operations - such as quickly dragging out layers to the end of the comp (which is quicker than selecting, moving the the end of the comp and setting the out point) - the end of the layer will invariably move back a bit to the left as the mouse cursor moves back.


      This didn't happen in the previous versions although I have seen it in older releases.


      Anyone else seen this?