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    Quick Time slider doesn't work on imported dxr

      My problem is:

      I have a director file with a QuickTime Movie, to control the movie I've used the QuickTime control slider of the Director Mx library, and all works fine. Then I make this file into a dxr and use it in another director file, and in this another file when the dxr appears the movie works fine, but the slider doesn't move. I have no ideia what is the problem.

      I will be waiting for an anwser...

      Rui Santos
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          Assuming you are 'using' the second director movie as a MIAW:

          If the script makes reference to (the stage) with a line like

          sprite(me.spriteNum).locH = (the Stage).rect.left + time * scale

          if would reference the main stage, not your miaw

          You may be able to alter such code to reference the miaw in a form like

          sprite(me.spriteNum).locH = (the activeWindow).rect.left + time * scale

          the activeWindow could return (the stage) if the script is running in te
          stage movie.

          IF you have imported a director movie as a member, the scripts would be
          disabled, UNLESS you import it as a linked file (linked director movie
          LDM) and check the enable scripts option for that member.