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    Chat Tutorial

    Flakx Level 1
      RIght i have followed the tutorial found at the below address:


      I have got it to function using the sample file, however when i go to make my own using my own graphics it comes up with errors.
      The error i get when i start my own, you can see the error here http://www.flakx.com/random/director%20error.PNG.

      Any help anyone can offer to sort this problem would be GREATLY recieved !

      Andy Archer.
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          duckets Level 1
          The problem is that you're using the 'old style' syntax for creating a timeout object in a fresh movie created in Director MX 04. This worked in th sample file, because the sample file came from an older version of director, and therefore the old style syntax usage is 'remembered' in the file.

          It's a slightly confusing issue, but basically there were a number of improvements to the syntax of lingo in director 10. To preserve compatibility and to allow you to still use older files, director works like this:

          When opening an movie created in an older version of director, director assumes you will stick with the old style syntax unless you issue a special command which alters the syntax style.

          When creating a fresh movie, director assumes you will start using the newer syntax.

          The new syntax for creating timeout objects is this:

          variableName = timeout().new(timeoutName, timeoutPeriod, timeoutHandler, targetObject)

          read more here:


          hope this helps!

          - Ben

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            Flakx Level 1
            Thanks that was helpful :)

            this was the piece of code i added in order to make it work.

            timeout().new("cleanup",the maxinteger, #fakeHandler, me)

            I altered the existing script from the above tutorial for anyone else that has problems with it.