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    Index does not flow to extra pages

    Jack Level 1

      What additional settings are needed to make a newly generated index flow into multiple pages? At present, my index trails off the end of the page. I cannot find the setting to make it flow. How is that adjusted? Thanks

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          Jack Level 1

          Thank you, just completed carefully reviewing that reference. All of the recommended settings appeared to be in place when I checked them. I also created a two-page spread of three-column pages, and made that format into its own master. I then regenerated the index, and found the same behavior.


          The bedeviling part of this is that I have a vague recollection of the same trouble with a table of contents in two-column format, some months ago. I cannot recall the trick I then employed to induce threading at that time (wish I could!). Will keep working on the issue as time permits. Any other ideas appreciated.

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            Jack Level 1

            The trick seems to be to select the red "Overset Text" box in the first of the three columns. That places the overset text as a little unreadable box next to the pointer. It is then "pasted" into the next column, repeatedly until the entire index is visible in separate columns. That is what I'm pretty sure I did in the case of TOC. In future, when updating after adding entries, I believe I should "Update Preview" rather than generating a new index (not sure). Will follow up as necessary.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If you hold down the Shift key when you place the story it will autoflow.

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                dainiswmichel Level 1

                i just had a similar issue. basically, i "selected all" within the text box that would not flow. then i cut. then i pressed shift and double clicked somewhere else on the page -- ok well -- i wound up with two copies -- one that did not flow -- and the one that pasted (which did flow).


                so i deleted the one that did not flow.


                the procedure is hidden and not very effective from a usability standpoint.