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    PC goes Bluescreen while exporting, importing and working with lightroom


      This issue has been happening for quite a few occasions so I decided to post into Lightroom forums. I have got a well equipped pc with Intel Core i7, 12 GB RAM, 1GB Quadro 600 graphics and 1TB Kingston SSD for running lightroom. Working with lightroom is breeze on this pc.


      The pc goes bluescreen while I'm importing images to lightroom or I'm exporting from lightroom. The same issue has also happened while I'm working with lightroom and doing color corrections or culling. The issue is caused specifically by lightroom because I have never seen the pc has gone blue screen while running any other app or when lightroom is not running. After the bluescreen the catalog becomes unusable and shows "There as an error working with the catalog preview cache... lightroom will try to fix the problem when restarts". The catalog is not usable even if I restart lightroom several times. The only way is to delete the preview cache and re-render all standard size previews for the images I'm working with (which is around 50000+ every batch) and as you know that is time consuming. This process also interrupts the images that I'm uploading to zenfolio (as they only have web upload and there is no way to resume or save the upload queue like ftp uploads).


      I'm posting the blue screen dump hoping somebody can perform diagnosis on the issue. I can upload the txt files as noted below if required.


      Any help for the issue will be very much appreciated (I'm also happy to pay some cash if someone is able to a provide definite solution to the problem).


      Thanks in advance.



      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen

        OS Version:    6.1.7601.

        Locale ID:    16393


      Additional information about the problem:

        BCCode:    124

        BCP1:    0000000000000000

        BCP2:    FFFFFA800B658028

        BCP3:    00000000B2000000

        BCP4:    000000007C000402

        OS Version:    6_1_7601

        Service Pack:    1_0

        Product:    256_1


      Files that help describe the problem:




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