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    I can`t highlight pdf text on Acrobat DC mobile (the text is not protected as I can insert comments on it).

    Lauromont Level 1

      I can`t hightlight or underline pdf texts I have downloaded from Academic Journals on the Acrobat DC mobile. I select the highlight icon, I  keep pressing my finger on the screen and nothing happens. Curiously enough, I can insert comments on the text (which makes me think that they are not encripted or protected). These are the only icons that are working ok:


          a) Write comments - OK

          b) Highlight - NO

          c) Drawing - OK

          d) Underline - NO

          e)Crossing - NO

          f) Add text - NO

          g) Signature - NO


            Could you help me with that?


      BTW: it is possible to highlight the same text on my Desktop Acrobat DC