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    automatic document generation from a pick list




      I have a spread sheet that lists around 250 people and their CV data (things like education, years experience, date started with company, relevant experience broken down into sections etc.). I also have a CV template in InDesign. Now, when I need to create a slightly different CV for the same person with slightly different experience, I need to manually enter it.  That wouldn't be a problem, however it becomes time consuming when you have to do 10-15 every couple of weeks.


      Is there a way to use my spreadsheet - I can recreate it in Adobe software - to create a tick sheet/pick list and then generate the CV based on the InDesign template that includes the items that I have chosen/ticked on the master spreadsheet? Or would this be a code/script that I need to create?


      I have experience with some Adobe programs like InDesign and Flash, but am in no way an expert user so need some guidance on whether this is possible and rough guidelines on how it could be done/pointed in the direction of a tutorial.


      thank you in advance for your help