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    Flash / CF Count Down Timer

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      I posted this to the Flash forum too before I get yelled at by anyone. I
      didn't know if someone in CF could help me out too.

      I need some help. I have a web site that till tell the blight of animals in
      shelter and rescues that have a short time to live before they are
      put down to make room for other stray pets.

      I need a dynamic countdown timer in black with white numbers that countdown
      days, hours, and minutes (possibly seconds, for dramatic effect). Anywhere I
      can find such a movie? I found a bunch of cheesy ones online and a bunch
      that do way too much.

      When the rescue or shelter moves the pet to LCP status, they will enter a
      date into the database. I need the time to use that as the starting point
      and count down till that date and time arrives. I am using coldfusion as the
      dev coding for the site.

      Please let me know where I can find such a movie or how much it will cost to
      have one done.