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    I am struggling with the decision to buy Lightroom desktop version or CCI am struggling with the decision to buy Lightroom desktop version or CC


        I will soon be purchasing a new computer and not sure if it will be a PC or MAC. All my current photography software is PC. I primarily use Lightroom V. 5 point whatever  for minor processing but discovered that a recent camera acquisition ( Canon G3 X) camera raw format is not supported by this version of LR 5 ( least as far as I can determine). So now I am debating 1) upgrade to LR 6 (desktop) ( which is crazy expensive ( $150 US) knowing that in a couple of months I will be needing to purchase a new laptop ( either PC or MAC) so I need to decide now on that decision too or 2) subscribe to CC now and just get it over with. I am honestly not fussy about switching to CC because it's just has WAY too much stuff that I don't need. Syncing with mobile devices etc. far too much stuff requiring computer time for this photographer. ( Bring back film I say)

      Anyway, a couple of questions for the community.

      1) If I switch to CC now and choose PC version, can I switch later if I decide to buy a MAC and how many hoops and loops would I need to jump through to do this ( and with no additional cost)???

      2) If I decide to buy the ( PC) desktop version and later switch to a MAC, can you switch OS within that license or would I need to purchase the same version again for MAC OS?

      3) If I choose Lightroom CC now, decide I don't like it and unsubscribe, and then buy the desktop version 6, will I still be able to retrieve/read/access/ on my computer whatever I processed on the cloud version, on the desktop version?

      4) I recall in the olden days, if you have one version of Adobe software, when new versions were released, you only paid for an upgrade version ( 99$ I think when I upgraded from 4 to 5 in 2013), not the full price for a license. Is this still the case, and if so is the 150$ US the "upgrade" cost?

      Thanks, any help with these questions would be much appreciated