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    Persistent Problems with InDesign 2015 working from a server


      Is anyone else experiencing similar issues in their organization with InDesign 2015? Our files don't want to open from the server.

      Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.05.03 PM.png

      You can click "ok" and try again. Receive the same message, click "ok", and try a 3rd time. Often times it will open on the 3rd try. WHY?!

      Once the files open, it often reports most, if not all, images are "missing" when they were not upon the last use of the file. We tested this with images from our desktops and it gives the same error. Obviously a problem if we were to--say create a print file!!--for use.

      Exporting the file into any format, PDF, JPG, PNG, etc will display errors. The only fix I have found to this is to open every image in the document, re-save each one, exactly as it is, close, re-link and THEN make a pdf. Obviously this is not a good solution for multi-page documents. Are there any known fixes?

      I have reset the preferences as suggested, we even uninstalled and reinstalled INDD 2015 to see if that would help. Then we uninstalled and reinstalled CC itself as well. None of these resolved the problems. As a note, we did not experience any issues like this with 2014 or earlier versions. They began with the introduction of 2015.