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    Using windows serial number on a MAC?

    lindsayc91784306 Level 1

      I know this question has been asked before but I'm having internet issues so it's easier for me to just ask the question.


      My windows computer is having serious issues. I've been told to back it up and that it won't last much longer. I have a friend who wants to give me a nice mac book pro. I don't want that friend to go through the trouble of mailing me this computer if I can't install my adobe products on it. I have Creative Suite Design Premium, After Effects 5.5 and Lightroom. I bought the software as a windows version will the serial number work on a mac? If I remember correctly Lightroom will work on either for sure. I don't have the money to purchase new version of this software just because I'm using a different computer though. If I do have to purchase something then I think that's a greedy move on Adobe's part. That software was over a thousand dollars at the time I bought it all. I'm not paying every month for the creative cloud right now. I'd rather just save up for a couple months and buy something outright then have to pay every month for years.


      If I do have to pay just to use my software on another computer do I have to buy another software key at full price or is there a cross platform license I can get? Adobe is really starting to lose my interest fast..