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    Can't drag an Anchored Object into Articles pane?



      I am running InDesign CS6 on Windows 7 Professional.

      I need to create an accessible PDF from an INDD file. In order to do this, two of the recommended actions are:

      1. to anchor image files into the related text box; and
      2. to group my content by creating "articles" by dragging the images and text, in order, into the Articles window.

      However, when my images are anchored, I can't drag them into the Articles window.

      When I click and drag a text box, it creates a copy of itself and I simply drag this copy into the Articles window. But when I click and drag an anchored image, no copy is made, the original image moves, and stops at the edge of the pasteboard.

      And if I release the anchor from the image. then drag it into the Articles window, and then anchor it again, it disappears from the Articles window as soon as the anchor is applied.

      I've tried copying and pasting the image into the Articles window, but this does not work.

      BTW, "Prevent Manual Positioning" in the Anchored Object Options dialog box is not enabled.

      Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!

      thank you