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    3D Text Help


      Hello, I'm somewhat new to After Effects and I'm trying to implement moving 3D text into my video. I've tried Cinema 4D and while I'm able to get the results I'm looking for the animation is jittery once imported into AE. The video runs at 24fps and I made sure that the frame rate is also set to 24 in Cinema 4D before saving. The playback is smooth in Cinema 4D but not in AE. The text looks like it's vibrating or jittery while moving across the screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?


      Also, I noticed that when making moving 2D text in AE the animation is quote smooth, so I tried making "3D" text in After Effects using this method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkaDV1Oq_TQ


      It doesn't seem to work at all, despite the fact that each text layer has a different z position. It's as if all the layers are residing in the same 3D space. It makes me wonder if this is a glitch or if CC 2015 handles layers a little differently from previous versions of AE.


      I'm using AE CC 2015 and my specs are:


      Intel Core i7 5500U

      Geforce GTX 950m

      12GBs DDR3 ram

      Windows 10